Famous Couples Who Are Still Together Proving True Love Exists

Mark Labbett & Hayley Palmer

In the wild rollercoaster of life, “The Chase” star Mark Labbett’s journey took a surprising twist after the pandemic and the heartache of his marriage’s end. Mark met the lovely Hayley Palmer on the set of her Sky TV show, “Saturday Night with Hayley Palmer.”

Their first encounter sparked a fire that set their hearts aglow, and as their love blossomed, they couldn’t help but share their adorable moments on social media, inviting fans to join in on the fun. In 2023, Mark hit the ultimate jackpot by introducing Hayley to his family. Their love story proves that love can spring up when you least expect it.

Bradley Walsh and Donna Derby

Just in case fans were wondering, actor Bradley Walsh matches his good dad and husband’s TV energy in real life. The British star has been with his wife Donna Derby since 1997, and the spark is still as bright. Walsh met Derby in 1992, and they didn’t take long before deciding to exchange vows and were soon blessed with a son, Barney.

Even now, over two decades later, Walsh is grateful his path crossed with his choreographer spouse, who is the reason he starred in the famous soap opera Coronation Street. When he said forever love, he must have certainly meant every bit of it.

Stephen Fry & Elliot Spencer

Stephen Fry, the celebrated actor known for his iconic roles in “Blackadder,” “Wilde,” and “V For Vendetta,” found his real-life love story in Elliott Spencer. In a whirlwind romance that took everyone by surprise, Stephen and Elliott met in 2014, and ten days after announcing their engagement in January 2015, they were married.


While Stephen’s career has dazzled audiences for decades, Elliott prefers to keep a lower profile. His private Instagram and reserved demeanor make him a mystery to the public. However, he’s opened up occasionally about his relationship with Stephen. Their love combines wit and warmth with Stephen’s intellectual humor and Elliott’s comedy career.

Pauline Collins and John Alderton

Pauline Collins is a famous British actress who portrayed Sarah Moffat in Upstairs, Downstairs, and its spin-off, Thomas & Sarah. His husband, John Alderton is also a British actor that started his career in 1963. John met Pauline when he took the role of the chauffeur in Upstairs, Downstairs. The two after that are inseparable.


The two married in 1969 and have three children together and two additional children from Pauline’s last marriage. They have been together 52 years now and happily living in Hampstead, London.

Ben and Annie Shephard

Ben Shephard is a British television journalist and broadcaster who has worked on shows such as “GMTV,” “Good Morning Britain,” and “The Krypton Factor.” He has co-hosted the game show “Ninja Warrior UK” since 2015, and in 2021, he will host “Good Morning Britain,” putting his coworkers in tears.


His wife’s name is Annie Perks, and they met while they were both students at the University of Birmingham. She was the President of the Philosophy and Epistemology Society while studying philosophy. They married in 2004 and are the parents of two sons.

Idris Elba and Sabrina Dhowre – 2 Years

One could only dream of marrying a beauty queen, but for Idris Elba, that dream is a reality! The award-winning actor wed his lovely partner of 2 years, Sabrina Dhowre, months after they met at a party in Vancouver. Elba admitted he was smitten the minute Dhowre walked into the room!


So how did the handsome actor change his mind about marriage following his misfortune in the past? He shared Dhowre makes him a better person – something he never felt with anyone else before. If that’s not love, then we don’t know what is.

Naga Munchetty and James Haggar

Being a presenter is not enough for Naga Munchetty, she is also a newsreader and journalist. After dating James Haggar for several years, she got married in 2007. James is not a host like Naga, he is an actor, director, and broadcast consultant at ITV. While they have different careers, their love for golf is what boosts their relationship.


The couple has no children together, but they do have two Siamese cats in their home. One thing that gives their love enough adrenaline is what James’ aunt told them, which is ‘to simply be kind to one another.’ So far, it has worked well for them!

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz

We know only the bare basics of their love story, and that’s how the stunning couple, Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz, like to keep it. Secrecy about their personal life, they say, is the most substantial reason for a successful marriage.


Finding love has been about timing – cupid taking a long detour before striking both years from when they first met as unknown artists beginning their respective journeys in Hollywood. It was on the sets of Dream House in late 2010 that the sparks actually flew between the Casino Royale star and the Academy Award-winning actress and married soon after in 2011 and have been going strong ever since.

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham

Does anyone wonder if there’s a more high-profile couple than David and Victoria Beckham in this world? Impossible! The reason is simple – they have it all – the fashion sense, the oomph, the stunning visuals, the pizazz of being able to carry the burden of being in the spotlight 24/7 effortlessly.


Having fallen irrevocably in love with each other the moment they met in a charity gala in 1997, the ace footballer wasted no time marrying the former spice girl two years later. We admire this power couple most because at the core of their relationship is their willingness to stay together against all odds!

Elton John & David Furnish

Now hailed as one of the best-selling musical artists of all time, Elton John did not initially experience the same kind of luck in his love life. Briefly married to a woman in the ’80s, it wasn’t until the dissolution of that union and Elton coming out as gay that he found real love.


Enter David Furnish, a former advertising executive and Canadian filmmaker. Not only was David already an affluent and grounded individual, his unfazed attitude towards Elton’s fame also endeared him tremendously to the musical superstar. The loving couple split their time between raising their family and running their countless philanthropies to aid various causes dear to them.

Ringo Starr & Barbara Bach – 39 Years

She is the bond girl who stole our hearts in ‘The Spy Who Loved Me,’ and he was the drummer in the world’s most famous music band. But when Ringo Starr and Barbara Bach got together, their combined wealth and international stardom led many people to believe that their romance would not last.


But now, nearly four decades later, not only are the two still together, but they also claim their love for each other is as strong as it was the day they got married. We wish this adorable pair many more years of wedded bliss together.

Gary Barlow & Dawn Barlow

Gary Barlow, the man with the golden voice, usually keeps his family tucked away from the dazzling glare of fame’s spotlight. But in a delightful twist, he gifted fans a glimpse into his cozy world in June 2023. There they were, in a sun-drenched garden, Gary, his radiant wife Dawn, their teenage daughter Daisy, and son Daniel.


Married in 2000. Gary and Dawn have woven their love story into a tapestry of harmonious melodies. As fans marveled at this rare peek, they couldn’t help but admire the Barlow family’s harmonious composition, a symphony of togetherness, transcending the boundaries of fame and fortune.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter

Benedict Cumberbatch met his perfect match, Sophie Hunter, on the sets of Burlesque Fairytales in 2009, but it took a good four years for both to realize they could mean more to each other. Within two years from then, the world discovered the seriousness of their relationship via a post on The Times announcing their engagement the old-fashioned British way!


After flooring us with that news, the couple wed in 2015, and since then, we can often spot the Sherlock Holmes star indulging in PDA with his pretty wife! Marriage sure suits the pair who seems head-over-heels in love even after eight blissful years of togetherness!

Jeremy Kyle & Vicky Burton

Jeremy Kyle, known for unraveling family dramas on his show, found his own storyline taking an unexpected twist. It all began when Vicky Burton entered his life as the nanny to his children with ex-wife Carla Germaine. While Vicky’s initial role was to care for the kids—Alice, Ava, and Henry; it was the post-nanny phase that truly ignited their love story.


In February 2020, a new chapter began as Jeremy and Vicky welcomed their first child together. Their journey culminated on a memorable October day in 2021 when they finally tied the knot at All Saints Church in Windsor, Berks.

Fiona Bruce & Nigel Sharrocks

‘BBC News at Ten,’ reporter Fiona Bruce would have never thought that her short-term job at an ad agency would make her fall for the then director of her company, Nigel Sharrocks. Yet, undoubtedly, the fall was good, and since their marriage in 1994, the couple has been going strong and spending quality time with each other in Belsize Park, London.


Interestingly, just like his wife, Sharrocks, who is a chairman of ‘Digital Cinema Media,’ is not a small name in the advertising world either. Yet, he doesn’t mind celebrating his wife’s popularity over his and prefers keeping a low profile which makes us think it could be one.

Susanna Reid and Dominic Cotton

Susanna Reid, a former “BBC Breakfast” broadcaster, is now a contestant on “Strictly Come Dancing.” The 51-year-old host has made a name for himself in television and journalism, having interviewed some of the world’s most powerful leaders and celebrities. Reid has long been considered a style icon. Her love life has kept her in the spotlight as well. Reid has two sons and a daughter named Sam, Finn, and Jack from her marriage to Dominic Cotton, another well-known writer. Dominic Cotton was introduced to this well-known television personality in 1998.

Sophie Raworth & Richard Winter

Being a prominent face of quite a few news programs like ‘BBC News at Six’ and ‘Watchdog,’ it’s safe to say that journalist Sophie Raworth has become a regular household name for English people. However, behind her successful career, she has an equally thriving married life with her real estate agent husband, Richard Winter.


Since Raworth avoids speaking about her personal life in public, so we’re not sure how they met, but reportedly they have been friends for five to six years in the past and even dated for a year before exchanging vows in 2003. It seems that keeping her love life private has certainly worked for the reporter and her almost 2-decade-long marriage proves it.

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