Vintage Pictures That Show Just How Cool People Were Back In The Day

We had cool cars too!

Back in the ’70s, these cars were all the rage. Sports cars still had personality back then. This young woman is extremely proud to be able to take a picture with this amazing car. Do you remember any cool cars from back then? We’d love to hear which one used to be your dream car.

Vintage Pictures That Show Just How Cool People Were Back In The Day

Biker heartthrob

You might think this man was a professional model back in the day, and that this picture was part of some kind of fancy photoshoot for an advertisement. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, however. This is just a regular Joe, who just happened to look effortlessly cool. It shows just how carefree people were back in the ’70s. What a picture!

Cool couple

These two lovebirds are another example of just how effortlessly cool people were back in the day. This couple from the ’60s seems to be the rebellious type, which was pretty characteristic for the period. Self expression became a lot more prevalent as young people were rebelling agains their parents’ expectations. We wonder where these two ended up!


These four young women look like they are at a festival. We’re not sure where this picture was taken, but it looks like they’re having a great time! The woman in the middle is wearing a hat with the logo of the popular rock band Rush, which places this picture somewhere in the ’70s. We hope she got to see her favorite band!

Best friends

These two ladies also look like they’re on a festival, but it seems the party is over and they’re trying to hitchhike home. Hitchhiking was massively popular in the ’70s, but fell out of favor when people learned just how dangerous it could be. We hope these two got home safe.

Chilling out

These two young people are having a great time in what looks to be a cave. People used to be really creative with their hangout spots back in the day. They look completely carefree and happy, something that you don’t quite see nowadays. And take a look at their long hair! What would their parents have thought of that?


These 8 friends decided to dress up as mermaids at the swimming pool. Yes, that’s right, that’s not a costume. Mermaids don’t really exist. It goes to show that people have always been obsessed with the mythical creatures. It’s not a phase, mom! We’re curious about what the other poolgoers thought of this extravagant display.

High-waisted jeans

Oh, high-waisted jeans. This was one of these trends from back in the day that most people thought would never ever come back. But then the 2010’s came and young people all around the world discovered this style of pants that had been out of fashion for so long. Today, it’s trendy again. We wonder how long it’ll last this time.


Jorts. Jean shorts. They are about the most uncool thing you can imagine today, but for some reason, this guy from the ’70s looks great in them. How did he manage to pull that off? Or is it the fact that, back in the day, people were so effortlessly cool that they could pull off just about anything? We’re leaning towards that explanation.

High socks

Whereas today, we tend to want to hide our socks under our pants or in our shoes, this wasn’t the case back in the ’70s. Back then, we would wear our pristine white tube socks as high as we could wear them. They were as much a part of popular culture as the aforementioned high-waisted jeans.

Tie-dye shirts

Woodstock ’69 is one of the most famous festivals of all time. It’s known for being hosted right in the middle of the “hippie era”. In the picture above you can see a stand selling tie-dye shirts, which became synonymous with hippie fashion in the late sixties. The festival didn’t have official merchandise, so these shirts were the closest they got to festival-specific clothing. Today, you can still find tie-dye shirts in a lot of stores. But it all began back in the sixties.

Flower crown

Another example of hippie fashion: the flower crown. Today, you’ll find people at other festivals like Coachella and Sziget mimicking this trend, which has its roots in the sixties. You couldn’t turn a corner at Woodstock without seeing someone with the iconic headdress. Looking at the picture above takes you straight back to ’69.

More hippie fashion

This woman is also dressed in true hippie fashion. Back in the late sixties, this was a very popular look. In the following photo’s you’ll see a lot of visitors who look similar to the woman in the picture above. Dressing like this was a real statement of the counterculture. And of course Woodstock was visited en masse by cultural rebels.

All aboard

On the picture above, you can see a group of friends who arrived at Woodstock in a van. The van serves as a makeshift raised platform to watch the shows from. A great way to watch acts like The Who, Jimmie Hendrix, Santana, Janis Joplin and Creedence Clearwater Revival. Yes, all those iconic bands played at this particular festival back in 1969.

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