The 27 Funniest Beach Pictures (A few went too far…)

The most hilarious beach pics on the internet

When you think of the beach, you probably imagine the sand, sun, the sea, surfing, sunbathing or building sand castles. But these hilarious beach pictures show that a lot of weird and funny stuff happens on the beach. We’ve collected the funniest pictures and can’t wait to show you! 

The lady in the front is too busy minding her own business, so she has no idea what kind of antics her friend is up to. Her friend must have slipped, because she’s doing a full faceplant on the sand now. Ouch! Even though we can imagine this is not the way you want to be photographed, it still makes for a very funny picture.

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This restaurant cares for your safety, but they also want you to pay your bill. This funny sign gives you a 3-step-program to follow in case of a tidal wave. Because a wave isn’t going to pay the bills, of course. It makes us think… Just how often does this restaurant have to deal with tidal waves? When do you even think of putting up a sign like this?

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This person must’ve had their flipflops stolen more times than they can count, for them to even think of securing them to a pole using a bike lock… They look pretty worn-down so we’re not sure why somebody would even try to steal them, but we don’t judge. They’re safe and secure now.

This person must’ve gotten fed up with the sun beds always being taken. He took matters into his own hands and brought a sofa to the beach. It looks pretty comfy, if we’re being honest. And hey, there’s room for one more, so who knows if this guy made a new friend on this beach day!

Who brought this pig to the beach? Imagine just relaxing, enjoying the sunset, when out of nowhere a pig shows up. The sunset is really pretty though, so we don’t blame it for showing up. But a pig is not the only animal you can come across on a beach day…

This woman went to the beach, when she came across a tortoise. She couldn’t believe her eyes and needed to capture it in a selfie. The tortoise doesn’t seem to mind. He’s just casually chewing away on some leaves and sticks, living his good life.

Is that her face or a book cover? The cover of the book fits her face perfectly, making it look like her own face is twisted into the funny facial expression pictured above. The photographer must’ve been laughing incredibly hard when he found out how funny his picture turned out.

Aww! Look at this guy in the picture above. He’s just relaxing on the beach, rolling around and enjoying the sun. We wonder if he went for a swim afterwards. This picture is super cute, but an elephant is not something you would expect to see when you go to the beach.

A lot of people bring floaties to the beach, on which they can drift across the surface of the ocean. It’s pretty relaxing! This person, however, chose to bring a very interesting floatable object with him to the beach. It looks like he’s staying afloat, which goes against everything we expected.

On the picture above, you cna see a group of 11 friends that want to capture this moment forever, on a photograph. Little did they know that there was a man in the ocean who really wanted to join them on the photograph. We like to think that they only found out after they got home. Imagine framing this picture and then seeing the man in the back. Hilarious!


Why settle for a towel on the sand, when you can build an entire sofa? The person pictured above went all out and created his own relaxing sofa out of sand. Apparently the hard work was tiring, because he appears to have fallen asleep.

This family doesn’t look too surprised by the fact that there are two horses next to their stuff. One of them has even laid down for a quick nap. This makes us think: is this so common? Or did they bring the horses? I guess we’ll never know, but it makes for a funny picture.

Apparently this is a thing in Australia, where they try to set a world record for the longest bikini parade. We’re happy that they do, because the resulting pictures are very pleasing to the eye. In the back, you can see someone filming the parade, so you can be sure that the photographer who took this picture wasn’t the only one interested.

This guy is on his knees, taking a picture of a cleaver with the ocean as a backdrop. Why? We have no idea. But somebody else must’ve thought to be very weird, because they took a picture of the man taking a picture. It’s a strange set of events, but it did turn into a very funny photograph.

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